The Faro Miracle

Celestino and Janak

Celestino Ruivo, here with Janak Palta McGilligan on the rooftop of his house, gave me a short summary of his impressions (mp3).


CONSOLFOOD-2016-Faro International Conference about „Advances in Solar Thermal Food Processing“ was a milestone in solar cooking history.

What began as a small meeting among a few crazy solar cooking friends evolved within two weeks into a big conference among many crazy solar cooking friends 😉

Deepak Gadhia who has visited many international conferences in this field said that he never experienced such a friendly atmosphere of good will and everybody who participated confirms this. The social networks are full of positive comments!


This low cost conference was organized without any big organisation in the background, just a few guys who wanted to have a good time. There were many high class presentations and a lot of discussions and exchange of experiences and I am sure that these marvellous days will inspire the organisators of future conferences 🙂


Thanks a lot to Celestino Ruivo, who is the heart of the Consolfood-2016 and to everybody who has been in Faro and has helped with his/her presence to make this meeting such a joyful event!

A new era has begun.



Ich arbeite selbständig als Webdesigner und nebenbei als spiritueller Heiler. Das Kochen mit Sonnenlicht interessiert mich schon seit Jahren theoretisch, aber jetzt sammle ich ganz praktische Erfahrungen damit und werde hier darüber berichten.